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Proyecto Recyship

Progreso en los objetivos del proyecto



The attempt to follow the legal procedure established for the shipment of waste (REG 1013 of June 14, 2006) has made us meet multiple barriers against which the involved government administrations themselves (Port Authority, Maritime Authority and Environmental Agencies Spain and Portugal) collide, and to which the private companies that work on ship dismantling are subject and defenceless.

The different authorities have no single criterion to follow and the complexities of the procedures set by the legislation are obstacles that the administration has not yet resolved. We describe some of those obstacles that we have met in recent weeks.

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The legislative and administrative complexity in the processing has been shown to us after the acquisition of two ships through public auction by the Port Authority (PA) of Vigo and the corresponding statement as such vessel as residue and the proposal to transfer it to the port of Aveiro.

These experiences show several challenges in the form and substance of the legislation, both in the actions of the administration and of the private companies for the treatment of a ship as a residue.

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Development of Integrated Management System for Recyship
The Manual is now available for the management system which integrates all aspects of quality, environment and health and safety at work. The manual clearly describes the production process to be followed by licensed facilities for the decontamination of ships.

Developments and documentation are being finalized for four procedures that will have great weight in the project Recyship:

- Risk Identification and Assessment.
- Evaluation of environmental aspects.
- Operational Control for the environment and Prevention.
- Monitoring and Service (specific process of dismantling and decontamination of end of live vessels)


For the definitive inclusion of the documentation and the developments, contrasting with the appropriate information from the IMO as well as the information from the Navalría facilities is being awaited.


Prototypes of the water treatment system
At present, the situation of the prototypes is as follows:

Two reservoirs of 10,000 L for storage of oils and fuels, have been installed in the premises of Navalría.

In the second part of the water treatment chain, a water storage tank for ballast and bilge water has been placed, with a volume capable of storing 15,000 litres

Finally, for the final model, adjustments have been set, as an oversized oil deposit had to be put in place, although not yet in Navalría.

The paint stripping machine will be received at Hendaye next September 28 from Paris. Upon receipt of the machine, ​​improvements and adjustments will be made as well as a series of tests and trials. All other elements contained in the chain, are being studied.



Eventos Recyship


Events where the project Recyship will present soon:


WORKSHOP - concerning a study on the recovery of vessel not used in the fishing trade (September 30, Brussels)
CONFERENCE - It will also assist on the 6th and 7th October in London, at a conference that the project Divest (FP7 Project) is holding.




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